06.20.02/1:25 a.m./schools over, bring it on summer!
beats !!

as you have probably read in many, many diaries of youths like myself for the past month or so, the school year is over for most of us. today, or yesterday really, was my special day, my last day of school, my beggining of the summer!


so in honor of this special day, lets have a brief recap of my freshman year of highschool.

recap part 1: during my freshman year of highschool, i managed to bring my average up about 5 point, to i'd say somewhere around 94. this is because i decided to stop slacking, and start working, which turned out to be much easier than my old slackerly ways. not only was i making my parents happy and minimizing our fights since there were no bad grades to fight about, but i also alleviated much stress, due to the fact that i never worried about tests or anything since i knew i'd do well. to sum this long, boring paragraph up, i now do well in school, and love it.

recap part 2: i'd say this part of my recap is almost the complete opposite of the first part. in this part of the recap, we will discuss how about half way through the year, my social life started booming. this i contribute to finding a group of friends who are a perfect match for me, and who i have an excellent time with. i also contribute it to my discovery of alcohol. alcohol is a wonderful thing, so long as it is not abused. i had some issues with alcohol that were not so pleasant, but i also had very, very many pleasant ones, which do more than balance out the equation - they make alcohol quite a positive thing, for me at least. finally, i contribute the boom of my social life to the excessive amounts of ass that i've been getting. damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!

recap part 3, the final episode: the third and final recap refers to my friendships with my once and always best friends, meredith, perry, and annie. as some of you may know, i have had issues in the past with certain best friends of mine *coughkatherinecough* totally ditching me for a new, obviously much cooler group of friends. but at least i feel that although i have found a new group of friends which i do hang out with quite often, i have managed to fully maintain my friendships with my true best friends. for this i am so greatful, and i hope i will never lose these friends. i know if i do, i will blame it totally and completely on myself, because they are amazing people and would never do anything to hurt me. hopefully i can be as good to them as they are to me.

thus ends my recap of my freshman year of highschool. and now that it's over, let me just say one thing...

this summer is going to be fuckin' awesome!