06.23.02/12:00 a.m./i am permiscuis
beats !!

the guestbook works now. really it does, i promise. go sign!

i just ended and then resalvaged a friendship, all in a 3 day period.

tommorow, i have no plans.

i saw minority report. it was ultra-weird, but pretty nifty. i'd recommend it, but not as a date movie. this is not the kind of movie you makeout to. no sir.

one day i'll write something interesting.

here's a conversation i had with a random guy that IMed me in which i call myself permiscuis. cool!

ddr frenetic: do u have a bf?

OhYouSweetTHANG: i'm not the boyfriend type. commitment is a bitch. i get more than my fair share of ass, but it's not from the same person, if you get what i'm saying

ddr frenetic: r u saying that u can't handle a relationship..or the guys u choose are assholes?

ddr frenetic: i hope it wasn't bad i asked that

OhYouSweetTHANG: no no, i'm saying, i don't LIKE relationships

OhYouSweetTHANG: when i like a guy, it lasts until i hook up with him

OhYouSweetTHANG: once ive hooked up with him, i stop liking him

OhYouSweetTHANG: so i move onto the next guy

OhYouSweetTHANG: you could call it permiscuis

ddr frenetic: ohh i see how it is