06.18.02/9:11 p.m./lost of crap about diary survivor
beats !!

iamsorryiamsorryiamsorry for posting so much about diary survivor in this little diary o' mine, but surprisingly enough it is the main thing on my mind right now, holding an even higher spot than it did when i was actually in it. and since my e-mail died and will not revive itself unless i pay 5 dollars, and stupid @!$&#% yahoo is saying that i'm not a member of the dsdiscuss group, and also that the dsdiscuss group doesn't exist (which is sooo does, and i sooo am! am i right? YES!), i am not able to talk to any of the other survivors through email very easily, so all the dialogue, or really monologue since it's just me babbling on, goes on here.

that is the longest sentence i have ever written. 82 words, beat that! i know, i know, you can't. i win. hah!

so anyway, back to speaking of diary survivor. i just read the whole Q&A thing that goes down at the end of the game. and as i said to mike, i am actually glad i did, because it changed my vote completely. i thought that the Q&A was going to be stupid, and to be honest i wasn't even sure if i was going to read it or not. but again, i am so glad i did. to quote myself, "it's not that it was so drastic, that one did such a better job than the other or anything. but it was just so obvious to me that one cared so much more than the other about their answers and the game in general, that i lost respect for the person i was planning on voting for." what i have learned from this, is never be lazy and plan not to do something that you really should and will regret not doing. yeah.

in the sentence following that previous paragraph, i was planning on making a pun that would have made you laugh undoubtably, but also would have given away who i'm voting for. i decided not to.

i have two regents tommorow. biology and math. why, pray tell, am i spending so much time writing a stupid entry in my diary, about the dumbest game ever in the word ever? and why did i just use the phrase "pray tell"?