03.30.02/5:56 p.m./sleepy seeds in all their unglory
beats !!

i have a very large pet pet peeve.

i cannot stand it when my cat has sleepy seeds in his eyes.

it's just so ugly and gross and unclean looking! i mean i can't stand it when *anyone* has sleepy seeds in their eyes, but i can't do anything about it with most people. however i can with my cat.

so when my cat has sleepy seeds in his eyes, i take em out. he hated it at first, he would squirm and wiggle, but i would not let him go until i finished. he is just so much cuter without them!

but now, he has gotten used to it. even more than that. he likes it. he has grown to dislike the sleepy seeds almost as much as i do. so when he has them in his eyes, he starts rubbing his face against my hand until i take them out, after which he purrs in content. that's my boy! what a cute and silly kitty.

i wonder if i did a search for sleepy seeds on google, how many results i would get?

answer?: about 17,400.

wow. sleepy seeds are popular.