04.03.02/7:36 p.m./me having a really pissy outlook on things
beats !!

it's cold outside, and there is lots of rain. also, my stomach hurts, and i have a large sum of homework to do. life is bad.

when life is bad like this, it makes me feel better to talk about tons of negative things, so lets get to it, shall we?

i am quite cold right now. very extremely cold. i would even go as far as to say that i am freezing. not only am i freezing, but i am being made to feel worse about it by my friend jon.

jon: that sucks man, turn up the heater
me: i dont know where it is
jon: hahaha, you're gonna freeze
me: asdflkfjskjfh

also, my step mother just yelled down the stairs to tell me that if i see any weird things on the floor i shouldn't touch them. i don't know what she means by weird things, and i don't want to, and i am disturbed.

west wing and law and order are new tonight, but before i watch them i have to finish my homework, which means i have to do my homework like, now, and i don't want to, and i wish the shows weren't new tonight so i could procrastinate some more.

i am going to get my period like any second. it should have already started like 2 days ago, and it didn't, and usually it's on time, and so it is really going to start like ANY SECOND. for me this means it will happen in the middle of class and, coincidentally, i wont have a tampon with me, and no one i ask will either, and i wont have any money to buy one so i'll have to go to the nurse, and of course some hot guy will be in there within earshot and hear me asking her and give me a strange look because, well, that's just the way things go.

man, life really is bad.