03.24.02/1:49 p.m./the mysteries of the icemaking machine
beats !!

i am very confused by the icemaker in my freezer.

it is unlike most icemakers, in that rather than having a bin that the ice falls into once it is made, there is a drawer that you pull out that has ice in it.

the confusing part is that i don't see where the ice comes from. in most freezers i can see the little compartment machine thing that makes the ice. then i can see the piles of ice that fall out of it once they are made. i can even see where the ice comes out of the machine.

but in my freezer, i have searched and searched and i still cannot find where the ice is made. yet the ice supply is always full, no matter how many ice cubes i take out. it seems to me like ice magically appears in that drawer every time i pull it out. i mean seriously, there is no place where the ice could possibly be made.