12.09.02/3:54 p.m./let the good times roll
beats !!

i missed having a posse.

LiSsiLiCiOuS: you are coming to my house for new years by the way
LiSsiLiCiOuS: just informing you
x ashesofanguish: haha party?
LiSsiLiCiOuS: yeah wild party, you me annie and mer!
LiSsiLiCiOuS: ahhhhhhhh crazy!
x ashesofanguish: hahaha woooo!

**later: please read this entry, and tell me where i went wrong?

feeling nostalgic, and so i'm reading all my old entries, as you can tell. i got to this one, and surprised myself with my level of maturity in 8th grade.