10/18/00//15th entry, clothing, katherine, weed
beats !!

damn. i was getting ready to write a spunky entry. i was in a good mood. and then a fucking sad song came on the radio. fuck. fucking shit. hehe. cursing feels good.

so i will try to continue my hapiness and ignore the radio. hmmf.

i didnt wear the horseback riding stuff to school. i chickened out. i really need a higher self esteem, dont i? nononono, it's not that. its just that what i was gonna wear didn't have much to do with the project. it was kinda pushing it. so i felt stupid. and i didn't do it.

i only saw eric for .2 seconds today, and it was through the second floor window when i was outside, but he waved and smiled at me, so its all good in the hood.

woo! slow song's over. now its a scat song, it's all funny. it goes "shiddiliwapadiddilywapadiddlydiddlydiddlydiddlywooooaaaah". that was exciting to type. its amazing what kind of things excite you on a boring day.

the definate last straw with katherine was today. like the ULTIMATE. the first day of school, we purposely got our gym lockers next to eachother. we always change together and wait for eachother. the gym locker room was like our time together. today she didn't even say hi. she just went straight to emily's locker. emily motherfucking rodney. totally neglecting that her locker was next to mine, or that she maybe should say hi to be nice. and after gym she did the exact same thing. ok, it seems like stupid middle school immaturity whining and complaining. but its more than that. the locker room is like a big thing. and she said a total of about 2 words to me today. jenny says we have to stay loyal to her and not be bitches, because two rights dont make a wrong. i tried that. it didn't work. im too pissed at her to be there for her. i just have to gather up a little more anger before i really go all out on her. every time im about to she says the 1 nice thing that she says each day, and i feel too bad. why does the one thing she says to me all day have to come right when im going curse her out? goddammmit.

PoSIOn632: yo u smoked weed?

LiSsAgOtPMS: umm i have NEVER done that, EVER, who told u that?

PoSIOn632: i was about to say Hell Yeah

PoSIOn632: Good 4 u

PoSIOn632: so wassup?

LiSsAgOtPMS: nada, i still wanna no who told u that though

LiSsAgOtPMS: or were u just asking?

PoSIOn632: i was asking

LiSsAgOtPMS: o ok

PoSIOn632: i know u did..

PoSIOn632: trust me i can smell it over the computer

LiSsAgOtPMS: very funny. but no, i didnt. im too smart for that shit. im not fucking up my insides

PoSIOn632: whatever

what the fuck? i dont do weed. dickwad.

woo. this entry ruined my good mood. diaryland can be such a bitch sometimes.