08.13.02/8:23 p.m./one hand in my pocket and A BAG OF WEED IN MY UNDIES!
beats !!

i am back from camp now. i don't want to be back from camp. i want to be in camp still. i want to be in camp forever. i want to live in camp. until the end of time!

but unfortunately that can't happen. so instead of dwelling on that fact, let's get on with the stories, shall we?

we'll begin with the last night, when i spent two hours in the dean's office.

so it was the last night of camp. we were allowed out until 2 AM, at which time we had to return to our OWN dorms. it was made very specific that after 2 AM, we were to be in no dorms other that our own. but my friend lisa and i didn't feel so much like going to our own dorms, so we decided to go to the senior guys dorm. so. we were just hangin out in the common room of the senior guys dorm, with a bunch of senior guys (obviously), and one of their counselors was like alright everyone back to your rooms! so lisa and i pretended to go to the next door girls dorm, but really, we went upstairs into one of the guys suites and chilled with them. we were just about to toke up...we had like a gram of weed in a plastic baggie just sitting out on the table, and one of the kids had gone into the other room to get some blunts, when one of the directors of the camp decided to mosy on into the room we were in to check up on things. of course, lisa and i were not supposed to be in there. and even worse, weed was not supposed to be in there. so, without thinking, i grabbed the bag of weed and stuffed it into my... no, not my pocket, my underwear. the director didn't see, fortunately, but now i had a bag of weed in my underwear. okay. so. the director made every single one of us in the room, about 10 kids total, go with her to the deans office, because we were in another persons dorm, and that's a violation of the rules, which results in being sent to the deans office, even at 3 in the morning. so there we are, on our way into the deans office, everyone freaking out, me with a bag of weed in my underwear, but still playing it cool - you know, acting like there wasn't a bag of weed in my underwear. we get to the deans office, wait there for about an hour, and each get our individual interview with the dean. i go in, the dean asks me what happened, i tell her, she says it's the last night and she's not gonna do shit about it, and sends us back to our dorm. me and lisa get back into our room, close the door behind us, and start hysterically laughing. for 10 minutes straight we're just on the floor laughing. i then proceeded to remove the bag of weed from my underwear and put it in my drawer.

thus ends the story of the night i spent two hours in the deans office, got interviewed by the dean, and was sent back to my room, meanwhile having a bag of weed in my underwear the entire time without anyone noticing. fun!