08.18.02/4:30 p.m./it's depressing, really...
beats !!

east hampton is the epitome of relaxation. today i woke up at 12, went to the beach at 1, tanned for two hours, came back and ate lobster salad from citarella for lunch, and am currently engaged in chilling out. my belly is full, my body is tan and smells of salt water, and i am satisfied.

with that said, it's time for another camp story!

so it's like the second day of classes at camp. one of the classes i took was chemistry, which was located about 10 minutes off campus in the science lab. in the science lab, there are a lot of sciency things like incubators and hot plates, and gas and electrical outlets that come up out of the tables. it's the beggining of class, and we are all seated around various tables listening to our teacher talk, which is no fun at all. different people do different things to pass the time - greyson, who is sitting next to me, is doodling in his notebook. dana, across from me, is braiding and unbraiding various strands of her hair. i notice valerie, who is sitting next to dana, pick up a tweezer that is lying on the table and begin to examine it. i space out for a moment, half listening ot the teacher, half staring out the window. when i come back to conciousness, about 30 seconds later, i see valerie sticking the two prongs of the tweezer into the slots of one of the outlets that are attatched to the table. she's just poking them in there, wiggling them around nonchalantly like nothing will happen. i begin to speak, but before i get the chance to say anything - BAM!! a humungous flash and a loud sparking noise sends valerie and everyone around her flying backwards out of their chairs. everyone immediately turns around to see what happened, baffled and disturbed by the giant spark that was just created. valerie, who seems to be the most baffled out of everyone, stands up and screams "oh my god! how did that just happen??! why did that do that!!" she apparently had no idea why, for some odd reason, putting metal prongs into an outlet would result in a spark of electricity. i myself learned at a much younger age that you don't stick metal things into outlets - and even if i hadn't been taught that, is it not common sense? you would think those in a chemistry class at the yale summer program would be of the intelligent sort. obviously not. anyway, this is how valerie achieved the status of being called "tweezer in the outlet girl" by my friends and i.

"oh my god! how did that just happen!!!" hehe. still cracks me up.