10.29.2001//my way
beats !!

i've got this beautiful feeling that everything's going my way! seriously though, it's eerie, like everything went my way. i mean it wasn't a particularly great day, but things that could have easily gone wrong didn't. for example. i thought i was going to be late to french class. and i would have been, and i *was*, but we had a sub! who honestly didn't give two shits whether we were late or not! then, i thought our global homework was due tommorow when really it was due today, and so i was freakin' out man, but thennnnnn the teacher didn't check the homework so i didn't get in trouble! and then, in math, the worst class evah, i got *both* my daily's right. daily's are these little quizes my math teacher gives us every day at the beggining of the period that has two questions, so you can either get a 0, a 50 or a 100, and they count as some percentage of your grade, and right now my daily average is like a 55, so man getting both those right helped! and then there is this girl who i don't like so much in my math class who has my next class, PACE, with me, and she is in my little subclass this time so we go to the same place, and she like follows me around and stuff so i knew she'd walk there with me and then sit with me, but today she left early! and also when i got to the class i found out we have assigned seats, and i am coincidentally next to the people i want to be next to and *not* next to her, so that was good too! and THEN i got a 97 on my PACE test! and then that was it. but still, that's pretty good no?