10.27.2001//on the line
beats !!

i am going to see "on the line", the movie with lance bass in it tonight!! yeah!! i am so excited. and did you know lance is almost completely naked in one scene? well he is! i can't wait!

people mock my love for *NSYNC. like my friend al.

al: yo

me: hey hun whats up?

al: theres no keg tonight right?

me: dunno and i dont care because im going to see on the line, the best movie ever lol

al: on the line?

me: the movie w/ n sync

al: youre seeing that?

me: dont make fun i LOVE n sync

al: yeah so do i! whens it playing?

me: shut up al seriously they're my fave band. annie and i are going at 8

al: i like them, really, i dont understand why you cant see that

why peoplez gotta mess with my mind yo?