8/14/01//what happened with the malibu lover
beats !!

okay, so yesterday i met chris, my malibu lover. and he was GORGEOUS. i mean fuckin' amazing, droolworthy even. not only was his face the cutest thing, but his body, OH. MY. GOD.! he was real skinny, but not too skinny, and he had a six pack and defined pecs and he was 6'2! jesus i wanted him bad!

here's what i wore when i met him. pay close attention, because there will be a quiz on topics related to this:

okay, got that in your head? now, check this out:

the opinion

based on the pictures i showed you of me and the outfit i wore when i met chris, do you think he thought i was hot?

yep, he thought you were sizzlin', i mean seriously, he wanted you bad! infact he wanted you so bad that you guys hooked up!!

yep, he wanted you real bad, i mean super bad, he was sooo hot for you, but you didn't get the chance to hook up. awww!

he thought you were okay, and hooked up with you for the hell of it.

kinda, he thought you were okay, but you guys didn't hook up because you didn't get the chance, and he wasn't too hot on the idea.

no way, he thought you were narsty, and would not have hooked up with you if someone PAYED him!!!

Current Results

what do YOU think happened? vote on it, i'm curious to see. in a couple days i'll check out the votes and see what came in first, second and third. then i'll tell you what REALLY happened.

oh and please, don't do any bullshit votes. i want to see what you actually think, from knowing me and from what i wore, so tell the truth, no lies baby!