10.17.2001//2getha 4-evah
beats !!

kristen, we are not breaking up any time soon!! we will stay married 4-evah! don't say that kind of thing, it's bad karma!! or something!!! and don't even *think* about cheating on me, or i will have to hunt you down and kill you! bwa!

ummie. you know what is cool? having your own domain and being able to use ftp to create a cool site of your own, about anything you want. but you know what is not cool? when your *&#$@*& ftp server shuts down! ahhh! ahhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

oh by the way i just had an awesome math test that i think i did awesome on, which is exciting because i am beyond terrible at math! go me! woot woot!