10.23.2001//a new beggining
beats !!

okay. so last night i put up a new layout, and then my dearest mother made me go to sleep before i could explain. RARRRR! anyway, this is kind of like a fresh start for me. some of the older entries in this diary were just so immature, and gave off the complete wrong impression of me. i didn't delete all my old entries, but there are no links to them, so unless you like memorized all the page names, you can't see them. i know maturing is something that happens to all adolescents, and that each year you look back on what happened the previous year and laugh at yourself, but right now i don't want to laugh at myself. i don't want to remember what 8th grade was like - as far as i'm concerned, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. i was a slut, i was selfish, and all i worried about was trying to impress other people. over the summer i realized that, and i decided to make highschool a new start, and therefore with the new start of highschool (which was september, i just havn't really been writing since then), i wanted a new start of my diary. i will still be my stupid, peppy, shallow self, those entries (from may or so up until now) i didn't mind because that is the real me, but the ones before that are either me trying to impress people, talking about every degrading thing i've ever done, or being completely immature. and i don't want to see that. and i don't want YOU to see that. so let's start over...

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