11/5/00//31st entry, analyzer, chris is SO goddamn sexy!
beats !!

*hums to paula cole even though i hate her goddamn hairy guts* where have all my analyzer entries goooooone!

um, i'll restate what i just said.


they dissapeared.

um? someone please help me. analyze me again! i feel so unloved. so unloved, infact, that i think i might write myself an entry. *sob*

i need a counter. even though i know like no one reads me, i still wanna know how many times i visit my own diary. basically, by putting a counter on my page, i am reminding myself what a dull, lifeless LOSER i am. yep, thats me.

may i restate how much i love chris? and how much i don't care that he lives all the way in malibu, because long distance things rock my world? this is so great, because with him on my mind i'm totally forgetting about eric. totally forgetting about the guy that turned me down because he said he didnt want it now and is now going for this other girl who likes him. this other girl who is going to be his first kiss. what i was supposed to be.

but i dont care anymore! haha! i just dont care. i have chris. he keeps me entertained. i get excited when i talk to him. it highlights my day. i look forward to the day he visits new york. to the day i actually meet him. every night i think about the fun days, and the fun nights we will have together. and he doesn't upset me. he doesn't make me sad in any way, shape or form. chris makes me happy.

chris = yummy


i am a happy girl.


i would just like to say that i have mad love, yo! jess and michelle already signed my analyzer! hella props and pounds and whatever the hell else there is to them. and to whoever else signs my analyzer. i KNOW you all want props and pounds and such, so go sign!


i think i have a little too much love. go look at my analyzer and see what that bastard "Q" did. i'm definately hating on him. and he did it to michelle too! what a fuck. but i aint gonna persue it, cuz thats what the asswipe wants. attention. so i'll just leave it be. what a fucking moron.