11/5/00//30th entry, chris is so damn sexy
beats !!

gosh darnit. i want chris so bad!


here's an outtake from our convo today:

Malibucris: u can come and sleep in my bed tonight

LisSaBeSoSeXy: i'd love too. i'll just bike ride over to california. lol

Malibucris: okay

LisSaBeSoSeXy: but u seriously gotta visit yoni soon. its so great...whenever i wanna "see" a guy i just have him sleep at yoni's and i sleep there too

Malibucris: ya i gotta visit there soon too

Malibucris: well I am wearing boxers and a white beine

Malibucris: r

Malibucris: and there seems to be this big figure sticking out of my boxers

Malibucris: and it needs to be sucked

LisSaBeSoSeXy: too bad im all the way here in NY :)

Malibucris: no because I am in your house

LisSaBeSoSeXy: lol

LisSaBeSoSeXy: thatd be interesting

Malibucris: oh yes it would be

wow. this is GREAT yo! and he's visiting in january. mmmmmm.

anywho, new layout? like it? it's not the one i planned. but i made a new one. because i found a graphic searching on hotbot, which i needed to do due to the fact that i have no talent. *ehem*