03.09.02//i am the mean green lazy peice of crap not wanting to do anything machine!
beats !!

today is one of those days that you're too tired to do anything, you know? like you feel like if you get up, you will immediately melt into a blob of jelly on the floor. you know that wont actually *happen*, but it's a scary prospect, and so you remain seated.

i did, however, look through my camp type thing packet. it's kind of not a camp though. it's called "Senior Program on the campus of Yale University", and it's like, half camp, half academic stuff (depending on how academic the academic courses you choose actually are - you'll see what i mean in a minute). it's also supposed to give you a taste of the college experience, since while you're not in classes or partaking in the evening event, you can do whatever the hell you want and *go* wherever the hell you want. so i looked through the packet, and it looks really fun, and i'm actually pretty excited to go, which is weird. i also looked through the course choices, and decided on which ones i want to do.

First Period
Create the Scenes of Your Mind
Set Design

Second Period
In A Flash!
Computer Animation

Afternoon Option 3: Mini-Courses
MC18: Dream Interpretation
MC23: Vegetarian Cooking
MC31: Yoga

so yeah. not very academic. but hey! que sera sera. looks like fun though, i'm pretty excited.

now it's 1:30 PM

that's all i've done.

i have a french project, science chapter, english vocab chapter, and math sheet due on monday, yet all i've done is look through a packet.

productive day, huh?