09.24.02/3:50 p.m./unprofessional
beats !!

i fell like i'm doing not well in english this year, and it's getting to me. last year english was my best subject - my average for the year was 99. and so far this year on the two tests we've taken i got an 88 and a 96, which average out to 92 (i can't believe i needed a calculator for that), which is 7 points lower than last year. 7 points! that's a huge amount to drop. i know i'm a good student and all and i'm jumping to conclusions and by the end of the quarter i can bring my grade up, but for some reason it's giving me so much stress. i hate school!

my other classes are going excellently though, discluding my evil chem teacher. the extreme easiness of that class makes up for her suckiness though, so it's okay.

i can feel myself getting sick. i just feel it coming. first i get stuffy, then i start to sneeze a lot, then my throat starts to hurt, and it just gets worse and worse until i can barely move. this all happens over a few days - it's a progression - and no matter how much medicine i take, how much sleep i get or how well i take care of myself, it just keeps coming. there's nothing i can do about it, i just have to sit here and wait. ahhhh!

i just found out how to work my fancy windows xp cd burner and bought 50 blank cd's, and i'm on a cd making rampage, but i'm running out of ideas! so far i have a soft rock mix, a political mix, a beatles mix, and a depressing cry a lot love songs making me realize i don't have a boyfriend mix. give me ideas!

k that's it. i hate it when i make random, themeless posts like this. it feels so unprofessional. not that writing in an internet diary is ever professional.