05.05.02/3:11 p.m./ali the kiss-ass
beats !!

well, this had to come out sooner or later. i admit it...i'm a suck-up.

yep, that's me. a suck-up. a kiss-ass. a brown-noser. a teacher's pet.

at this point in my life, my suck-up tendencies mostly show with teachers. i talk to my teachers. make friends with them. fool them into thinking i enjoy learning the subject they teach. buy them birthday presents. do all the extra credit projects. even get extra credit on projects that i'm not supposed to. i volunteer to read in class. raise my hand to answer virtually every question asked. ask intriguing questions of my own. if it has to do with sucking up, i'm there.

yes, i get a lot of hatred for it. all the sophmores in my classes (i'm a freshman) mock me and make fun of me behind my back. when i raise my hand, the entire back of the class sighs in unison. but you know what? my grades are outstanding. and when i'm making lots of cash and they're flipping burgers in McDonalds, who will be mocking who, hm?

looking into the future, i just *know* everyone at my job is going to hate me. why? because me and my boss are going to be t-i-g-h-t. whatever, my paycheck is going to be soooo much higher than theirs!