01.10.2002//fear of stale meringues, or stalemeringueophobia
beats !!

dad: i'm going out, need anything from the outside world?
me: yeah, get me some fat free meringues so i don't pig out on potato chips and cinnamon toast crunch like i did today.
dad: but if you already pigged out, you can't have MORE junk tonight, even if it IS healthier!
me: i know, i won't have any tonight.
dad: then it doesn't really make sense for me to get meringues if you're not going to eat them tonight.
me: well you asked me if i wanted anything from the outside world so i told you. and why would it be so bad? we're going to have to buy them eventually anyway.
dad: because if i get them tonight and you don't eat them until next week, they'll get stale.
me: OH NO!!! i would simply DIE if my meringues were STALE!