05.08.02/10:14 p.m./within the sounds of silence...
beats !!

LiSsiLiCiOuS: hello darkness, my old friend

EvrythingNice100: um hey gayass

LiSsiLiCiOuS: i've come to talk with you again

EvrythingNice100: thats nice strango

LiSsiLiCiOuS: because a vision softly creeping, left it's seeds while i was sleeping

EvrythingNice100: um i'm not going to ask

LiSsiLiCiOuS: and the vision that was planted in my brain *still* remains

EvrythingNice100: i'm sure it does

LiSsiLiCiOuS: within the sounds of silence!

EvrythingNice100: yep