12.16.2001//i can see clearly now, the homework is gone...
beats !!

you know, for some reason yesterday i was brought back into the diaryland/blogger spirit. i think it was trying to get inspiration for this new winter layout i have. since i had more time than usual due to minimal amounts of homework, i was looking around diaryland for layout ideas, going to different layout services and admiring their work, browsing the ginchiest archives, etc, and i remembered why i love diaryland so much. the people! and so i caught up on all the diaries i had been neglecting to read for the past few months. i read and read and read, and i loved it! and i made a new layout. i had forgotten how fun it was to make diary layouts! and i made a blog. i forgot about the whole bunch of diarylanders with blogs too. and i was refreshed! i was revitalized! no longer will there be weeks with no updates! no longer will there be a layout that lasts more than a month! no longer will there be a day with less than 5 blogs! eyyyyyyyyyy!