05.07.02/10:22 p.m./absolutely no purpose
beats !!

new layout. sweet. i drew this one by hand, with my spiffy logitech laser point mouse. i really like this layout. it matches my blog layout, color wise at least. good stuff.

what isn't good stuff, however, is the way i feel right now. gross. that's how i feel. i feel car-sick, but i'm not in a car. my head is throbbing. i feel like all the contents of my stomach are going to come up. and i took tylenol, and it didn't do jack. wtf? tylenol, you suck.

i am excited though, despite my gross feelings. i'm excited because my main man dan is making me a bootleg of adobe photoshop, and some other stuff, including a download accelorating program. he is also doing something else for me that is going to be her superlate birthday present, but i'm not going to say any more on that subject, because she reads this diary.

also, i renewed my gold membership, and now i can do cool things like have them nifty optional fields in my entries, but i havn't set that up yet. my banner is back on rotation, too. i'm not going to tell you what it looks like though. see if you can figure it out.

this is obviously one of those entries that have no purpose, except to be a new entry. can you tell?