03.22.02//it's not only me who she's fucking over.
beats !!

my mom is such a dirty fucking shitfaced bitch. i wish she would just get some fucking help already. her temper is insane. i know it's hard to take me seriously when i'm cursing like a fucking idiot, but i can't help it, i'm so fucking mad right now i'm on fire. i've talked about her problem before in here. i had to delete the entry for certain reasons, but if you've been reading this diary for a while, you'll remember it. but to be brief, and somewhat explain why i am so mad at the same time, when she is mad at me, she not only lashes out at me, but at my friends, their parents, or anyone else she comes in contact with. there are people that are scared of her that havn't even met her. she has no respect for anyone, she thinks she's the only fucking person in this world. and my dad, my stupid fucking psychologist dad, says i have to remember that "it's not her when she gets like that, something happens to her, she clicks into another persona. she is not saying those bad things to you, it's someone else". well dad, that other person better get themselves under fucking control or else i'm going to go insane.

this is not just me freaking out about my mother because she wouldn't let me do what i wanted. she has a problem. my father, her former husband acknowledges it. her brother and mother both acknowledge it. her best friend acknowledges it. and for the sake of the innocent bystanders who don't know how to deal with her fucking insane persona, for those who think she's just being a bitch to them for no good reason, and for her daughter who is being worn out and depressed by her, she needs to acknowledge it too.