02.28.02//wild animal sex, and so much more.
beats !!

the guy from this entry is getting to be a little... well, much. it went from slight hints of attraction, to sexual innuendo's, to blatant references to him and i having sex. and these references are quite frequent - on days that we have our free together, there will be at least 3. like today. first, he called me his sexual soulmate. then, he said to me "why don't you just come to my house so we can have sex?". then, when i was complaining about having to go to my eighth period class, he said "then stay here and have wild animal sex with me instead!". finally, as we were walking to class, he was like "ali and i used to have hot sex all the time!", reffering to when we were really tight like 4 years ago. but we were like 11, we definately *didn't* have hot sex. it just becomes excessive. i am still very attracted to him (he's really handsome, really experienced, and has a really long, really agile tongue, if you get what i'm saying). and normally, i would take him saying those things as an indication that he wants me too. i do take them that way as a matter of fact - i'm pretty sure he does want me. but the thing is, when he says them, it's in a really joking way, so you never know. but he doesn't joke to this extent with anyone else. that's what makes me think, or know, he's interested. so the moral of this long and boring story is that when my period is over (&#$%*@$#@!) i think i'm going in for the kill. it should be exciting, i'll keep you updated, because i know you're waiting in anticipation to find out what happens!

on a similar, but somewhat funnier not, i think i'm going to get with the kid from this entry. that i find, as my friend vicky would say, hilarious.