09.01.02/9:18 p.m./internet crushes and british people are fun
beats !!

i have an internet crush! *gasp* but i can't tell you on whom, because that would ruin everything. not ruin everything in the sense that i was planning on having a relationship with the guy. i couldn't pull that one off, partially because he lives in michigan, and partially because he's in his 20's. it would ruin everything in the sense that he applied to be in diary survivor 4, which i'm a judge for. judges aren't supposed to favor applicants or contestants (which i hope he'll be), and i would definately call having a crush on someone favoring them. ahh!

i want to spell favor like favour, and color like colour, like the british people do. it's funky. i wish i was british. maybe i'll start doing it anyway, to give people the impression that i'm british. and because it's funky.

kristen my love! i still love you! remember when i bought you a lipgloss and sent it to you all the way in colorado? i still love you that much! i have always had an internet crush on you. we should have an affair.