03.01.02//bring it, diaryland survivor!
beats !!

so remember that secret? incase you didn't figure this out from those links at the bottom of the page, check this. i'm on diaryland survivor! awwww yeah, WHAT NOW, NUCKAH!?!? i am so stoked. you know, i am going into this with such optimism. like, a lot of the survivors now and in the past have been all "man, i am going to lose sooo bad". but they're pussies. that's not me. do you think you have any chance of winning if all you do is put yourself down? NO! if you think like that, you wont last very long. no one wants to hear people put themselves down. not just because it sounds like your looking for sympathy or assurance, basically asking people to say "no you're going to win, you're AWESOME!!" to boost your own self confidence, but because it's depressing. when you are writing or speaking, your frame of mind while doing so is passed on directly to your readers or listeners. if, while writing in your diary, you're in a sad mood, your readers, upon reading your entry, will become sad, because you have portrayed your sadness into your entry. if, while giving a speech, you feel optimistic and enthusiastic, your listeners will accept what you have to say with optimism and enthusiasm. therefore, if a diarist says basically "i suck", and then writes the immunity challenges and writes entries thinking "man this is terrible", they WILL be terrible. readers will read them and think, "terrible", and thats the end of that. you. need. to. have. confidence. in. yourself. therefore, I AM GOING TO TALK DIARYLAND SURVIVOR BY STORM! Y'ALL AIN'T FUCKIN READY FOR ME, BEEATCH. ARF ARF!!!