beats !!

so my friend was telling me this thing that happened to him.

he said:

"i was on a plane, and there was a steward that was very obviously gay. and so he was like 'okay every body, it's time to put your seatbelts on!' in an extremely flamboyant tone. and so every one put their seatbelt on, except this one snobbish looking women. and so the steward said 'could every body please put their seatbelts on? thank you!' once again very flamboyantly. and still, the women did not put her seatbelt on. so the steward walked over to her and said 'miss, i really need you to put your seatbelt on.' she replied 'in my country i'm royalty, and NO ONE can tell me what to do' and arrogantly stuck her nose up in the air. and the steward simply said 'well honey in my country i'm a queen and i'm telling you to put your damn seatbelt on!'

and so she did."