09.17.02/12:05 a.m./another one of those things
beats !!

i don't get enough sleep. i don't get enough at all. and yet i continue to sit here and do pointless things on the computer. tommorow morning i'll be so tired. but do you see me turning this thing off?

no, you don't, because it's addictive, and that's depressing.

everything is depressing lately. i look in the mirror, and that's depressing. i think about my school work, and my inability to work hard enough to be in honors classes, and that's depressing. even things that are supposed to make me happy are depressing. i so want to be emo, and it's so not working. i'm just a depressed piece of shit.

i'll get out of this phase soon, it's nothing new. i get into these little ruts every once and a while. it's just annoying when i do.