03.18.02/7:42 p.m./old man cinnamon...
beats !!

my cat, is insane. i mean, he always has been insane, but now he's getting old, and it's sending his insaneness to another level. don't get me wrong, i love my kitty, right now i am sitting here kissing him repeatedly and saying "you're such a kyoot kitty! what a kyoot wittle boy, i wuv my kitty!", but he is one crazy guy.

like, he thinks things are chasing him when they aren't. today, out of no where, he darts into my room hissing and jumps onto the chair and turns around and growls. but nothing was there! and yesterday, i hear him piteously meowing at the top of his lungs, and i turn around and there he is just sitting there, facing a wall, and meowing like he's lost or in pain or something. what a whacko!

i told my mom about it because, well, it's funny, and she got all concerned. she was like well how much does he do this? i was like not very often, a couple times a week, and she was like it would be nice if you could figure out how much he does it exactly in a given time period so next time we go to the vet we can ask him about it. i was like mom, he's old, don't stress, no big deal.

he is like old man river, except his name isn't river it's cinnamon, so he's not old man river he's old man cinnamon!