03.11.02//if you suck ass too much, you'll choke on shit.
beats !!

my friend jon, he is so cute. like as in adorable cute. look at what he said...

jon: so did you watch the 9/11 thing last night?
me: nope, i was too busy doing my french project. you?
jon: yeah, that was some pretty powerful shit.
me: wish i could have seen it.
jon: i have a confession to make...
me: what?
jon: i cried. during the show. i mean i wouldn't have, but then i saw my mom crying and i got all teary...
me: awwww!
jon: i always cry for things like that.
me: i'm coldhearted, i bet i wouldn't have cried.
jon: man, i am going to be such a pussy dad.


last night on tv i was watching this show about prison murders, like when prisoners kill each other. it was pretty interesting. this one guy, he said something that sounded stupid, but actually if you think about it he has a point. the stupid, yet profound part is in bold. it doesn't make sense unless you put it in context so...

"when i first came to prison, i was like i'm going to stay a man. i'm not gonna suck cock, i'm not gonna be no ones bitch, i'm not gonna be part of no gang...i'm my own man. if you suck ass too much, you'll choke on shit. that's my philosophy."

prisoner man, i like your philisophy. and i think i may quote you an excessive amount to different friends of mine, but not tell them that it was you who i got it from, so i seem original. some might consider that forgery. i think of it more as "borrowing"...

also, another conversation.

Racer9six (mike): and i'm like "FUCK YOU ALL!"
Racer9six: :D
Racer9six: a perfect in between
Racer9six: not depressed
Racer9six: not happy
Racer9six: just
iamxxxratedbaby (me): no, that judge is like SCREW YOU, BASTARDS
iamxxxratedbaby: you are like
iamxxxratedbaby: i do not care very much about you, children with an unknown father
Racer9six: do i come across as being that wordy?
iamxxxratedbaby: hehe no, but you put things more nicely than SCREW YOU, BASTARDS.