06.28.0-2/3:38 p.m./brrrr...
beats !!

right now, i am curled up into a tiny little ball.

why, you ask?


for some reason, the temperature of central air in my basement is a lot colder than that of the upstairs. i really, really don't see why this is. the whole point of central air is to make the entire house one constant yet comfortable temperature. but my central air seems to think it's cool to have the upstairs be one constant yet comfortable temperature, while having the downstairs be like 49573089 degrees below zero. not good central air, not good.

and to make matters worse, my dad seems not to care in the slightest. icicles are hanging from the tip of my nose, my fingers are falling of from frost bite, and i'm dying from hypothermia, and my dad is just like "hm, it's kind of chilly down here. oh well!". he says he thinks the coldness is kind of pleasant. i thought living in a normal climate zone, rather than that of the arctic tundra, was kind of pleasant..

thanks central air, for your reliability and quality performance! can i have my toes and fingers that frost bite claimed back now?

edit: now i'm in my mom's house, and we have no electricity, therefore NO central air. currently, i'm suffering from heat exhaustion. IS SOMEONE TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING?!?!