05.01.02/3:57 p.m./an update on my kitty's condition
beats !!

yesterday my mom took cinnamon to see the oncologist in the city. she examined him a little, and discussed the path they are likely to take to remove the tumor. my mom said that the oncologist seemed more optimistic about the possibilty of the procedure working than our vet had been, which is always good. tommorow cinnamon goes back to the oncologist to get a biopsy and a CAT scan. hopefully those will produce positive results (at least as positive as is possible).

the procedure they are going to use is as follows. 5 days a week of radiation therapy fo 3 weeks, and following that, surgery to remove the tumor, which wil be reduced in size from the radiation. if that doesn't work, we will consider chemo. hopefully it will work - if it comes to the point where chemo is neccesary, we may decide not to do it, because it would make cinnamon very sick, and only prolongue his life a couple months. lets just pray that the radiation and surgery work.

thank you very, very much to all the people who have either emailed me or written in the guestbook. it's nice to know that people care.

dealing with this is very hard for me. after my parents, cinnamon is the most important thing to me in this world. when my parents would fight when i was yonger, he would always come and comfort me. when my mom has anxiety attacks and starts screaming at me, he's there by my side. he sleeps in my bed. he sits and watches me when i'm on the computer. he comes with me at night when i want a glass of water but i'm scared of the dark. he's so much more than just a cat. i love him with all my heart and soul. i've been crying non-stop for three days straight - the thought that he might not be here much longer is a hard one for me. but i'm learning to cope - these things just take time. not a moment goes by in which i am not praying to god that the treatment works. i don't know what i'd do without him.