04.28.02/8:16 p.m./nothing to be happy about...
beats !!

well. happy, enthusiastic entries might not be too frequent for a while. why? because there's nothing to be happy or enthusiatic about. i just found out my cat, who i love more than you can imagine, has cancer. it's pretty bad, so we need to act immediately. were taking him to an oncologist sometime this week, and our vet presumes they will want to operate ASAP. after the surgery, they may give him radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. she says that since it is a pretty severe type of cancer, it's likely that even with the surgery and various therapies, it may come back. i am trying to be optimistic, and hoping for the best, but it's hard to stay positive in situations like this. so sorry if entries are depressing, sporadic, or non-existant. i'll do my best. and emails of good luck and such would be appreciated, cinnamon needs all the luck he can get.