06.14.02/12:09 p.m./bitterus maximus
beats !!

i'm not going to get into how it's been forever since i've updated. i will give you one small but self explanitory word. finals.

now i'm in school i have to stay here until 12:40, when i have to go talk to my english teachers along with my pal zach and some girl i don't know about how i've grown as a student over the course of this year.

in other words, i have to bullshit for 15 minutes so i can get an A on this stupid final assesment project and get the hell out of this school.

diary survivor is almost over. it's down to two people. i have neutral opinions about both of them.

i do not respect a lot of what's going on with the diary survivors right now. the majority of you don't see it because it all happens in the discussion groups that you're not a part of. but mike and throcky, i am sorry, i'm not so hot on the write in vote idea. yes, it would be nice to see who won without the alliance. yes, the alliance was stupid and i didn't like it at all. but there was an alliance. and because of that, people in the alliance are going to win. that's what happened. you have to deal with the facts. stop dwelling on the subject - that's the way it went, and there is nothing we could have or can do about it. it's in the past, leave it alone.

and there's another thing. throcky again, and also mattu, i do like and respect you as people, but whining and complaining isn't going to get you anywhere. yes maybe some people weren't so nice to you, or played the game unfairly. so don't vote for them. but keep it to yourselves. you think the alliance was unfair? well how fair is it that you guys are trying to persuade us how to vote? and i know you say that you aren't trying to persuade us to do anything, merely giving us the facts. or at least thats what some of you say. bull shit. if you are not trying to persuade us, what do you think you're accomplishing by telling us bad things about certain players? your purpose in doing so is obvious. let us vote for ourselves. let us do what we feel is right. that's the only fair way to play. we are no better than the alliance if we contaminate eachothers minds like that.

i know i am not supposed to post about things that go on in the discussion groups, because the contestants aren't supposed to see it. maybe i'm breaking some kind of code. whatever, i don't care. i'm fed up.

no one has played this game fairly. no one. there is no *point* in doing the write in votes because not one of us deserves to win.

yes, i'm bitter, thankyouverymuch.