11.09.2001//birkenstocks and socks
beats !!

today i met my soulmate, like seriously. but first you need some background info. like every day i wear tan birkenstocks and some kind of socks to school. i know it's a fashion nono to wear sandals and socks, but i love my birkenstocks man, they are just so comfy, so i don't care. okay so here's how it happened. i was walking down the halls right, and i saw this guy, and i was like wow he's hot. so then i was like whatever and i stopped paying attention for a second, and then when he got a little closer i looked again and coincidentally i glanced at the floor, i don't know why, and GUESS WHAT HE WAS WEARING ON HIS FEET? BIRKENSTOCKS WITH WHITE SOCKS, JUST LIEK I WAS WEARING TODAY! and i was like you are my soulmate! he was really hot so i couldn't get the courage up to say anything, but i know he noticed that i was wearing them same things on my feet as he was, and since no one else wears birkenstocks with socks because me and him are weird as well as soulmates, tommorow when i see him i'm gonna be like "nice shoes" and flash him my irresistable smile, and the rest will be history. see, sometimes a weird fashion sense *does* pay off!