07.15.02/11:30 p.m./i love me some malibu boys
beats !!

i just came back from the great state of California, where i was staying in Santa Monica with my friends and their family. it was very exciting. i spent a lot of money.

i also got to see my very sexy malibu lover again. and jesus fucking christ, i forgot how damn hott he is! for real son, just looking at him makes me feel gooey inside. but the difference between the last time i saw him and this time was i got to know him a lot better this time. we chilled for many an hour. and i realized that not only is he a beautiful specimen of man, but he is one of the nicest, most down to earth guys i know. and his flirting style gets an A++++++++ in my book - very forward but not too over the top. he is the perfect boy for me.

i know what you're thinking right now. "did you actually get to make sweet love to him this time, ali?" the answer is no, i did not. we were constantly with people and although we both wanted to more than you can imagine, it just didn't happen.

but you know what? i'm okay with that. although i am more attracted to chris than i have been to any guy in a long time, it's a mature attraction. i can spend time with him and enjoy being with him without constantly having the urge to jump his bones. as long as we get to "do stuff" at some point, i'm fine with it. i'm in no hurry. i really, really do wish he lived in new york though. really a lot.