09.17.02/10:35 p.m./i can't stop smiling!
beats !!

in contrast to yesterday, right now i'm very happy and upbeat! i'm listening to music that makes me want to dance and sing and smile! and everything is good. tommorow morning i'm meeting a guy to help him with his math, which sounds minimal, but it brings me one step closer to getting in his pants, get what i'm saying? and he sounded really happy that i was going to meet him tommorow, and he's a good guy, he's not just using me for my mean math skills don't worry, so this is good! and also i just got some really cool new clothes, a new skirt and a new shirt and new underwear and a new hott puma bag, and they rule. and though yesterday i disliked what i saw in the mirror, today it made me happy, because i think i look hott, and so does the guy i met this weekend who i wasn't even trying to impress but i thought was really hott regardless and then he told my friend that he thought i was hott too and we're "meeting up" at the club on friday. woo! i was also thinking about puerto rico, where i'm going this winter break, and i'm so excited for that, and i was looking at pictures of alex, the boy that's going with me, and i'm excited for *that* if you get what i'm saying, and i know a lot of this (aka all of this) has to do with boys and is superficial but whatever i don't care, if it makes me happy then it's good no matter what. happy!